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Northwest Family Services

Northwest Family Services supports family stability, child well-being, and victims of crime by focusing on the social determinants of health.

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Program Highlight

Healthy Relationships Promotion Month Spotlight: Parenting Inside Out

As Healthy Relationships Promotion Month unfolds, we at NWFS are proud to spotlight our Parenting Inside Out (PIO) program, a beacon of transformation for criminal justice and systems-involved parents and their families.

Prioritizing, Parenting, and Protecting Our Children

Our evidence-based PIO program extends a lifeline to criminal justice and systems-involved parents, guiding them through a journey of introspection and growth. From incarceration to parole, the program equips parents with invaluable skills to nurture healthy relationships and reintegrate seamlessly into family life.

What Sets Parenting Inside Out Apart?

  • Based on cognitive behavioral and social learning theory—proven methodologies for creating change with criminal justice-involved persons
  • Meets all the best practices requirements to be designated evidence-based, including an experimental study design and peer-reviewed study results
  • Has demonstrated a significant, measurable impact on rearrest rates (recidivism), post-release criminal behavior and substance use, and visitation and family relationships
  • Teaches transferable skills that prepare inmates for successful reentry into family life and society

"I have noticed a lot of behaviors I was doing that were not helpful... the ways I address my child's needs and right to feel appreciated and respected are completely changed." 

- PIO Program Participant