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Climate Change

Small Steps, Big Impact on the Environment

About Our Climate Change Program

Our Climate Change Program's primary goal is to educate people in Clackamas and Multnomah counties about emergency and disaster preparedness. We want to make sure that everyone is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to prevent health and illness-related issues in extreme weather events, whether it be in the home or workplace.

We focus on serving vulnerable communities, including BIPOC, seasonal farmworkers, Latinx/e, and refugees. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that these communities are prepared for unexpected events by providing useful resources and support. We also help these communities with empowerment by helping improve their everyday living conditions in relation to climate change, such as providing resources on how to help lower their energy bills, providing weatherization resources, food security, and more. Our goal is to raise awareness and a better understanding of how they are affected by climate change and how it affects people and the environment.

We are grateful to our funder, the Oregon Health Authorities (OHA), for allowing us to serve and educate the most vulnerable communities through such an important program. Together, we can work towards a safer and more prepared community in the face of climate change.


Air Conditioning Units

Free portable air conditioning units are available for qualifying individuals (This resource is available for a limited time only).

Who is eligible for an AC unit?

People who do not have a cooling device can get an AC unit if they:

  • Qualify for medical assistance through OHA, ODHS, or Medicare, or have received medical assistance in the past 12 months; and
  • Live in a private residence with electricity. This includes homes, apartments and trailer homes; and
  • Agree to safely and correctly install the AC unit; and
  • Are at-risk for health-related illness. This includes:
  • People age 65 years or older; or
  • Medically fragile children; or
  • People with a disability or health condition that makes them vulnerable to heat events. This includes diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, or respiratory disease.

If you’re interested in receiving a free AC unit, submit your information through the form below. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be contacted by someone from our team to set up an appointment for delivery. 

Alert System

Register to receive alerts about hazardous weather, power outages, or other dangers in your area. Go to to sign up. Signing up takes only a few minutes and could save lives. 

  • Remember to register to get alerts for the counties where you live and work if they are different. 
  • Enter your zip code in the signup page to locate your county.

Wildfires and Heat Waves

Clackamas County Cooling Centers 

These spaces are available for individuals and families who need shelter from extreme heat. Please call ahead to confirm hours and for additional information.  

  1. Happy Valley Public Library  
    13793 SE Sieben Park Way, Happy Valley                                                                                          
    Sunday, Monday, Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  
    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  
    Free Wi-Fi, computers, restrooms, and a water fountain
  1. Wilsonville Community Center 
    7965 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville   
    On SMART routes 2X and 4. 
    Free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, and access to computers. Lunch is served Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday—suggested donation of $3.50 for those 60 and older and $4.25 for those under 60. Water fountains and restrooms are available.
  1. Canby Denny’s Restaurant 
    1369 SE 1st Ave., Canby 
    Open 24/7  
    Available for those needing to cool off for an hour. No obligation to buy.


As Wildfire season in Oregon approaches, it is important to be alert and ready for the dangers that come with it. Here are some resources providing ways to be prepared for Wildfires.

Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery: Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery: Prepare for Wildfires: State of Oregon

Wildfires | Clackamas County

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