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programs_for_couplesNorthwest Family Services is dedicated to teaching healthy and life-giving choices to families, couples and singles. We offer individual, couple, and family counseling as well as educational seminars and classes on a variety of topics. NWFS offers other programs to the public. Explore our website for opportunities.

We also offer classes to help engaged couples, and those contemplating engagement, discern their vocation to marriage. Marriage is one of the most important decision you'll ever make, and careful preparation is vital. Our marriage preparation class is available in the Portland, OR. area, and lasts two weeks (or a single weekend) and includes private counseling sessions. The 2 Become 1 Marriage Preparation class includes the Prepare/Enrich pre-marriage inventory, and is an effective way for couples to communicate about the values and expectations of marriage.

We have been providing Natural Family Planning (SymptoPro) education for over 30 years, and offer classes nationally, online and through mail-in correspondence. Whether you are engaged, newly married or have been living out your vows for years, NFP is a great way to manage your fertility while respecting your body and your marriage bond.