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Sustainer’s Circle is a new program to help you easily provide regular support to families. Membership is made up of supporters like you who commit to making manageable donations each month. They support more teens and families yet it is easier on their budget.

Requests for our services continue to grow yet funding has become more challenging. However, our Sustainer’s provide a stable and reliable source of support for our programs.

Sustainer’s help by providing:

  • Regular monthly support helping to plan for the future
  • More support for programs and less for administrative costs

Sustainer’s like the program because:

  • Receive recognition on NWFS permanent Sustainer Wall
  • They no longer receive regular financial appeals
  • They are able to donate more in one year than by making one or two larger gifts
  • Sustainer’s receive special updates and invitations to NWFS events

Become a Sustainer!

  • A monthly gift of $10 is enough to provide for a mentor each month
  • A monthly gift of $25 is enough to prepare a couple for marriage each month
  • A monthly gift of $50 is enough to equip a class with skills each month
  • A monthly gift of $100 is enough to train the youth leadership team each month

Here are some more ways that your money can support your community:

  • Your $25 donation will help one couple improve their marriage.
  • Your $50 donation will teach a middle school class about abstinence and other healthy choices.
  • Your $100 donation will help us prepare another person to be job ready.
  • Your $250 donation will provide counseling support for a returning veteran

Download our enrollment form here. Mail or fax (503-546-9397) your form to enroll. For questions or comments, contact us, 503-546-6377 or

Monthly Gift Total Yearly Impact
$10 $120
$25 $300
$50 $600
$100 $1,200