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Safety Alert!

Survivors: your computer and phone use can be monitored. If this is a concern, we recommend finding a safer (public) computer or phone. 

DV Outreach & Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide targeted outreach and education regarding domestic/intimate partner violence, minimizing its traumatic impact on Latinx individuals, racial and ethnic minorities, religious minorities, individuals who identify as LGBTIQA+, and those facing challenges related to abilities and limitations. We strive to improve awareness levels within these specific populations, creating a safer and more supportive community for everyone.

What We Do

Through the Casa Esperanza Outreach and Education Program, we aim to enhance awareness among Hispanic/Latinx individuals and others who may belong to multiple underserved and marginalized groups. Our program focuses on providing targeted outreach and education to minimize the traumatic impact of domestic/intimate partner violence. Our dedicated Casa Esperanza Outreach and Education Specialist utilizes existing partnerships and media platforms to educate diverse Hispanic/Latinx communities in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. By disseminating crucial information, we empower individuals to make informed choices and seek appropriate assistance when faced with domestic/intimate partner violence. We engage with our community members through virtual and in-person events, providing educational opportunities and support. Additionally, we distribute informative brochures, such as "Love Shouldn't Hurt," in multiple languages, including Spanish, ensuring that individuals have access to local resources and contact information.

Help Is Available 24/7

Crisis Line (24/7): 503-232-4448