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rethinking careers

Learn Essential Skills Employers Are Looking For:

Soft Skills, Confidence, Motivation, and Accountability

Rethinking Careers is a series of workshops designed to assist learners in developing and reinforcing their soft skills.  Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, the course additionally serves to help reestablish participants’ confidence/motivation/accountability while they look for their next job and/or seek to extend the career they currently have and enjoy.

Participants will attend a two-hour workshop on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for fourteen total sessions (up to three absences will be permitted). They will engage in facilitated conversations in a small group of SNAP recipients in a safe and supported fashion to address the emotional and social benefits of long-term, uninterrupted employment.


You may be eligible if you are at least 18 years old and are currently collecting Oregon SNAP Benefits – but NOT presently receiving TANF.  Qualifying males MUST also be properly registered within the U.S. Selective Service System.

Why would you want to participate?

  • Rethinking Careers is completely free to those who are eligible
  • Workshop participants will learn to think and act more positively and reestablish their confidence, motivation, and accountability as they search for work and/or endeavor to stay with their current employer for an extensive timeframe
  • Job seekers are able to receive job search activity credit towards their weekly UI claim for each workshop they attend (up to 14)
  • Attending WILL contribute towards satisfying the 80 hours ABAWD work requirement, where applicable
  • $5 gas cards or bus vouchers are available (if needed) during each session attended

What’s the registration process?

Contact Rob Sellers by phone at 503.310.4665, or by email at to schedule a BRIEF, in-person registration appointment for an upcoming workshop series.

Where are the Rethinking Careers workshops held?

At this time, workshops will be held virtually.

Rethinking Careers workshops are held in multiple locations throughout Clackamas County including North Clackamas DHS, AntFarm in Sandy, Oregon City DHS, Canby Library, Estacada Library, and Molalla Adult Center.  Please contact Rob Sellers for a list of upcoming scheduled sessions (by phone at 503.310.4665, or by email at

NWFS delivers the monthly Rethinking Careers group in Clackamas County. If you have questions please contact Rob Sellers by phone at 503-310-4665 or by email at


Aug & Sept 2020 Rethinking Careers Flyer - Virtual Offerings by Northwest Family Services on Scribd


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