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A Message from Rose Fuller, Executive Director

As we reflect on this year at Northwest Family Services (NWFS), celebrating our 40th anniversary was a remarkable testament to our unyielding dedication to our community. Milestones this year included the opening of our new behavioral health facility, allowing us to expand much-needed services to the community. Growth in supportive housing, behavioral health services, and supporting people navigate very complicated systems were other hallmarks. Updating our website, logo, overall branding, and social media presence, allowing us to tell the story of our work, were welcome additions as well. And, another effort has been strengthening the bonds with all of our community partners. As it is said, “We’re better together.”

The depth of our wrap-around services illustrates our commitment to a holistic approach to support the well-being and stability of each individual. We do so by championing the social determinants of health for our participants. Within our 2023 Impact Report, you’ll discover insights about the range of services NWFS offers with a trauma-informed lens focusing on the most vulnerable in our community. From the intricacies of housing and behavioral health to the essential aspects of basic needs, health navigation, family support, and empowering our youth—each element contributes to a narrative of empowerment and transformation. Join us in celebrating the collective efforts that continually guide us toward fostering vibrant, thriving communities. It is a privilege to serve, and we look forward to 2024.