Latina Women’s Shelter Advocate Night Shift

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Job Title:                   Latina Women’s Shelter Advocate Night Shift

Report To:                 Latina Women’s Shelter Program Manager

Classification:           Non-Exempt

Position Time:           1.0 FTE.        

Job Summary

The Casa Esperanza Shelter Advocate (SA) provide trauma-informed, culturally specific support for the women and their children as they enter, stay, and exit the shelter. The primary responsibility for the SA is to provide stability for the women, establish a safety plan, conduct a strength and needs assessment, and identify the resources each woman needs to successfully live on her own after leaving the shelter. Must have participated in over 40 hours of authorized domestic violence training. The goal is to empower the women to live successful lives independent of the short-term shelter support. If there are children, the SA will work with the mother or caregiver to provide the necessary supports for the child(ren) such as early learning strategies, assessments, and school attendance. 


  • Responsible for incorporating trauma-informed supports consistent with the mission of Northwest Family Services (NWFS).
  • Responsible for communicating effectively all information necessary for NWFS supervisors and managers to make informed decisions.
  • Share responsibility for the sheltered women including the initial intake to determine if the woman is appropriate for the shelter; do the intake and assessments; establish a safety plan; establish an exit plan; and address any other needs such as employment, housing, a medical home, addiction treatment, and mental health.
  • Provide Support to the participants with follow and making sure families are supported
  • Regularly participates in county and regional coalitions and professional development in the related fields as described above.
  • Responsible for reports about what happens at night, send it by email to all Casa Esperanza staff including putting the information in the participant's file.
  • Security Rounds, able to call to call 911 for an emergency, identify and monitor security cameras and problems with participants.
  • Take care that the rules and responsibilities are carried out, make Incidents reports if necessary, answer calls and give the necessary resources, scan the files of participants leaving the shelter, prepare new files, etc.
  • Ensure that the daily functions and upkeep of the Shelter are maintained.
  • Procure items from the local food pantry follow all Food Bank regulations and tracking.
  • Track all Tri-Met bus passes and follow the regulations of the grant.
  • Accept appropriate donations of supplies.

Additional Responsibilities


  • Provide timely reports as required by the Shelter Program Manager and the Health Department Manager.
  • Attend all staff and team meetings and participate in development as required.
  • Accept the guidance and supervision of the Shelter Program Manager and the Health Department Manager in the spirit of establishing and maintaining an honest and professional working relationship.
  • Must be committed to NWFS’ mission and fiscal responsibility.
  • Accept the guidance of the supervisors and managers in the spirit of establishing and maintaining an honest and professional working relationship.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Professional Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Bilingual/bicultural Latina required
  • Knowledge and experience with trauma informed work with vulnerable populations.
  • One year of experience working in the domestic violence prevention and intervention field.
  • Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation
  • Ability to empower Latinas who have experienced domestic and sexual violence.
  • Ability in written and oral communication skills in English/Spanish
  • Ability to do public speaking ability
  • Strong leadership abilities and high professional standards of ethics and integrity to the Latino Community
  • Experience working with the Latino Community, low-income issues, diverse groups of people, and interpersonal violence victims and intimate partner violence
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows applications, MS Words, MS Excel for MS Windows.
  • Experience in a social service setting
  • Demonstrated ability to work with women and children from diverse backgrounds and life experiences
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice and positive parenting techniques
  • Ability to work non-judgmentally with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Maintain clear boundaries to assure professional integrity and responsibility
  • Respect NWFS policies, confidentiality of clients, staff, and volunteers
  • Must pass the CRIMS background check prior to starting work

Working Conditions

Must be available for flexible work hours on weekends, holidays, and mostly overnight. This open position is being required for the night shift specifically.

Must be able to climb a flight of stairs. It involves the frequent use of a computer. Frequent use of telephones to communicate with current and potential clients and partners. You must be able to sit for an extended period of time. You must have reliable transportation and adequate automobile insurance. Must be able to lift 30 pounds. Work is performed on site in accordance with all agency COVID-19 policies.

Wage: $18.00-$18.75 per hour depending on experience

Benefits: Major health and dental insurance, vacation/personal leave.

Submit cover letter, application and resume to:

Northwest Family Services

6200 SE King Rd.

Portland, OR 97222

The position will remain open until enough qualified applicants have responded.
We Strive to Create a Diverse, Inclusive environment to Better Serve our Clients.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.