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Job Title: Prevention Specialist
Reports To: Schools Department Manager
Position Time: 1.0 FTE

Position Summary: The Prevention Specialist position provides evidence-based prevention and early intervention services in four Clackamas County middle schools: Gardiner Middle School in Oregon City, Kraxberger Middle School in Gladstone, and Alder Creek and Rowe Middle Schools in Milwaukie. The Prevention Specialist will work to reduce Community, School, and Peer and Individual Risk Factors by reducing risk behaviors such as truancy, poor school performance, alcohol and drug use, negative student behavior, negative peer association, etc. Through an intensive and thorough school-based intervention, the focus is on preventing youth exposure and early onset of substance use, with the emphasis on prevention of marijuana normalization, access, and use in Clackamas County. The goal is also to increase protective factors and abstinence from drug and alcohol use by building nurturing relationships with a caring adult and positive adult role models, increasing pro-social behavior, connection with school, and family involvement, as well as prevention of addictive behaviors. Populations targeted will be youth who are at risk of exposure to marijuana or other substance abuse by a parent/caretaker or in a physical or social context, including low income and English language learners.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide school-based case coordination for a minimum of 10 high-risk youth at each school who are at risk of being affected by alcohol/drugs. Provide resource referral and case coordination with each core youth approximately bi-weekly.                                                                                                                                          
  • Develop individualized support plan for core youth and families as needed and goals will be identified by the youth and family related to risk factors.
  • Provide referral to resources and services for youth and/or their families (basic needs, health/behavioral health assessments and referral, parenting education, etc.).
  • Participate in school-based meetings in which at-risk youth issues are discussed with school staff (Care Team Meetings, Youth Service Team Meetings, etc.)
  • Deliver or partner in the delivery of evidence-based prevention curriculum in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade health classes each quarter in each school throughout the school year.
  • Utilize evidence-based curriculum in small trauma groups with approximately 8-10 youth for one hour per week at each school for the length of the curriculum (8-10 weeks). Groups will have a prevention of marijuana normalization, use, and access focus.
  • Obtain written consent of client/parent/guardian and maintain confidentiality of all client personal information.
  • Provide evidence-based Teen Intervene program for students who are at risk or are in early stages of experimentation with drugs and alcohol, including assessment, pre/post survey, and four to six lessons.
  • With the PreventNet team, the Prevention Specialist will support positive youth development and enrichment activities at each school (e.g., after school program, mentoring, career exploration, field trips, etc.).
  • Promote the establishment or review of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use policies in each school. Make recommendations that will ensure access to treatment and retention in school.
  • Consult and partner directly with middle school PreventNet Site Coordinators, school staff, principals, department chairs, families, and counseling staff to coordinate programming and outreach within the school and local community and identify youth at risk for drug and alcohol use and mental health difficulties.
  • Work collaboratively with the school and with partners to provide any youth and families on the caseload with assistance in obtaining and navigating services, including referral for drug and alcohol treatment or post-treatment recovery support groups.
  • Provide combinations of academic assistance, truancy prevention, community awareness and mobilization, conflict resolution and interpersonal skill development, leadership and positive youth development, mentoring, care coordination and referral, alcohol and drug prevention/early intervention and referral, mental health assessment, support and referral, homework assistance aligned with class work, intervention groups, family engagement activities, universal prevention curriculum, and/or structured, asset building extracurricular activities and identify risk factors such as school absenteeism, dropping grades or signs of drug and alcohol use
  • Serve as liaison to the Clackamas County Prevention Coalition and participate in local coalition development and activities, including working collaboratively with the four school sites to create and coordinate at least one prevention campaign (e.g Red Ribbon Week, Family Dinner Nights, Prevention Awareness Day, Health Fairs, etc.) per school that focuses on drug and alcohol prevention.
  • Submit quarterly performance report at the end of each calendar quarter, including results from program pre-post surveys and client satisfaction surveys.
  • Administer youth JCP/mental health, drug and alcohol screens as required.
  • Maintain weekly case files and weekly record of contacts.
  • Create checklist/data base to utilize each week, enter data and program evaluation, administer surveys and submit reports when required.
  • Ensure that by June 30, 2019, small group participants demonstrate positive change in pro-social skills, reduced drug and alcohol use, and increased perception of harm. Participants will complete pre/post evaluation tool provided by evidence-based curriculum.
  • 85% of core youth will demonstrate reduced drug and alcohol use as measured by individual case plan goal achievement. Goals will be measureable and progress toward goals will be clearly documented in the case file.
  • 85% of participants in classroom presentations will demonstrate an increase in knowledge of drugs and alcohol (in particular marijuana) and increase in perception of harm, as well as increase in resistance skills measured by pre/post instrument. Participants will complete a pre/post test and demographics will be reported.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Attend assigned trainings and educational/community meetings.
  • Conscientiously maintain daily schedule utilizing Outlook calendars.
  • Maintain time card in a timely manner.
  • Submit weekly activity report to direct supervisor.
  • Conduct other duties as assigned and perform tasks at the discretion of the supervisor as they pertain to job duties.
  • Facilitate an atmosphere conducive to academic success and positive social skills.
  • Provide positive role modeling for students.
  • Accept the guidance and supervision of the Schools Department Manager and Executive Director in the spirit of establishing and maintaining an honest and professional working relationship.
  • Represent Northwest Family Services in a professional manner. Effectively communicate about NWFS, its mission, and programs to community partners and participants.
  • Utilize NWFS communication plan and document programs and activities for representation on behalf of Northwest Family Services to the broader community, including but not limited to the news media and social media.
  • Attend staff meetings and development as required and adhere to agency’s policies.

 Job Qualifications

  • Requires a BA or BS, with specialization in drug and alcohol prevention/intervention preferred.
  • Sufficient work with adolescents and some college considered.
  • Minimum one year experience working with youth required.
  • Must pass a pre-employment background check. In addition, candidate must be able to pass school districts’ criminal background checks.
  • Group facilitation and case coordination experience.
  • Bi-cultural, bilingual English and Spanish preferred but not required.
  • Ability to multi-task and balance duties at several different school sites.
  • Accountable, flexible, self-directed, organized.
  • Able to work independently and take direction.
  • High energy, ability to work well with others and as part of a team.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Proven ability to work effectively with youth and adults.
  • Experience with current versions of MS Office.
  • Valid driver’s license, reliable car, and automobile insurance required.
  • Available for occasional travel with some evening and weekend work.

Working Conditions:

  • Work is performed typically in an office environment and involves periodic use of a computer and phones.
  • Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs.
  • Use of personal vehicle to drive to and from home base agency and individual Clackamas County schools throughout the work week.

Hourly Wage: $18 per hour

Benefits: Generous benefit package includes paid vacation, ten paid holidays annually, paid sick time, as well as individual health, dental, and vision insurance and matching 401K.

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