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Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Training Application

Oregon Health Authority/AMH Certified PSS Training

Training Dates:

Monday, April 23
Monday, April 30
Monday, May 7
Monday, May 14
Monday, May 21

Northwest Family Services
6200 SE King Road
Portland, OR 97222

Training Fee - $450 applicants must commit to all five days

Peer Delivered Services provide hope for individuals, families and communities with behavioral health conditions.

  • Outreach - Build personal relationships with people experiencing behavioral health challenges;
  • Build Community - Support people to become socially involved with others;
  • System Navigation - Help people plan for appointments, share problem-solving skills;
  • Recovery and Resiliency Promotion - Model a healthy recovery lifestyle

Training is limited to 15 participants selected through an application process.

Ideal candidates have an experiential/personal understanding of mental health recovery or addictions, and a desire to help others.

Address Type:*
Home Phone:*
Work Phone:
Do you identify as an individual or the family member of an individual who is currently or formerly receiving mental health or addiction services? *
Do you identify as a person of color, as having a disability, as young or elderly, as preferring a language other than English (please specify language) and/or as having a severe and persistent mental illness or addiction? Please explain. *
Please describe why you want to take Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Training, and why you think you would make a good candidate? *
Where would you consider yourself on your journey of recovery?
Do you continue to work on this journey?*
Please list any professional or volunteer experience you have working with people with mental illnesses and/or addiction issues and the organizations that serve them. (Organization Name, Complete Address, Job Title, Phone and any other relevant information.)*
Description of Duties and Skills:*

Northwest Family Services Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Training:

  • Is limited to 15 people, which will be picked through an application process.
  • Applicants must be a self-identified person currently or formerly receiving mental health or addiction services, or have a close family member who currently or formerly received mental health or addiction services.
  • Must be addressing your journey to recovery, to be able to speak about your journey.
  • Applicants must commit to attending all five days.
  • Participants commit to comply with the classroom community agreement during training.
  • Passing the final written exam and group presentation is required to successfully complete the training.
  • Trainings meet the requirements of Oregon Health Authority and will prepare successful students to become Certified Mental Health Peer Support Specialists in Oregon.
  • Training and Certification as a Mental Health Peer Support Specialist is a two-part process:
    • Successfully complete an approved Peer Support Training Session
    • Submit a certification application available through the Traditional Health Workers Commission and pass a criminal background check

Northwest Family Services Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Training Applicant Requirements:

  • Be comfortable with emotional issues that people with addictions and/or mental illnesses face.
  • Be willing to disclose your own journey with mental illness or addiction or in support of your family member’s journey.
  • Be willing to listen without being judgmental.
  • Arrive at trainings on time and complete all five days of training.
  • Be willing to adhere to HIPAA privacy and confidentiality laws.
  • Letters of support can be submitted with the application, although they are not required.
I have read and agree to the Northwest Family Services Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Training requirements. Application information is confidential and subject to HIPAA and PHI laws under review of application.*

By choosing "No" to the agreement, you are declaring you are unable to meet the requirements for this training. You are not eligible for selection.

General Information about Northwest Family Services Peer Support Specialist Training:

  • It is the trainee's responsibility to arrive on time at the training site each day; NWFS does not provide transportation.
  • Some snacks and beverages are provided throughout the training. Lunch is each participant’s responsibility.
  • Notice of class completion will not be provided until training fee is paid in full, and upon completion of the oral and written exam.

*PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited and will be filled by a selection from the applicants only.

Notification of approval will be sent by April 11th, 2018

No scholarships available at this moment.

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