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Children of Incarcerated Parents (CIP)

Empowering Young Lives Through Mentorship

About CIP

There is increasing evidence at both state and national levels that the current system for addressing the issues facing children whose parents are incarcerated is failing to meet their needs. Because of the trauma experienced by children in this situation, many community organizations have joined together to form the Clackamas County Children of Incarcerated Parents Committee.

Why mentorship?

All too often, our country’s at-risk youth have no reliable or permanent anchor in their lives.

Mentors have an invaluable opportunity to fill that void and to play a meaningful and lasting role in crafting a positive future for these youth.

Our mission

  • Empower children through mentorship.
  • Develop prosocial behavior.
  • Foster peer relationships through monthly community outings.
  • Collaboratively provide resources and advocacy to youth and families impacted by the justice system.
  • Bring awareness and education to communities.
  • Provide small group support to younger children affected by parental incarceration.

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