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East Multnomah Youth Substance Prevention Coalition (EMYSPC)

Strength in Community. Preventing Youth Substance Misuse.

Who We Are

The East Multnomah Youth Substance Prevention Coalition (EMYSPC) is dedicated to creating a safe and drug-free community for our youth. Based in East Multnomah County, our staff-run, volunteer-based group works passionately to educate the community and prevent substance misuse among young people. EMYSPC partners closely with the Gresham-Barlow School District to provide essential services, including counseling for drug and alcohol issues, prevention education, and initiatives to support youth in making healthy choices. Our goal is to keep the youth in our community safe by addressing alcohol and marijuana use, as well as prescription drug abuse

What We Do

We actively advocate for bills and changes in the law that aim to prevent substance use, sexual assault, bullying, and suicide. Additionally, we work to implement policies that ensure Naloxone, a medication to reverse opioid overdose, is available in schools. These efforts are crucial in protecting our youth and creating a positive environment.

During the summer, we organize an exciting camp where young people from neighboring communities come together. Through activities such as photography, city exploration, games, and promoting activism for social causes, we inspire and educate middle schoolers. We also encourage high school students to volunteer as student leaders, helping them develop leadership skills and fulfill school volunteer requirements. At EMYSPC, we believe in the power of community.

We also offer SMART Recovery programs to young adults seeking personal change, providing support and resources for positive transformations.

Join Us

Our monthly coalition meetings are open to everyone. They bring together a diverse community that shares resources and explores ways to make a difference in substance prevention. We invite you to join us every third Thursday of the month from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Together, let's build a stronger and healthier community for our youth.

Join EMYSPC and be a part of our mission to prevent substance misuse and create a brighter future.