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Foster Youth 2 Independence (FY2I)

Supporting Foster Youth Beyond the System

About FY2I

The Foster Youth 2 Independence (FY2I) program offers crucial support services to young adults in Clackamas County who are transitioning or aging out of foster care. Our program serves current and former foster youth aged 16-23, providing mentorship, peer support, and community-oriented life skills workshops that are tailored to meet their unique needs.
We understand the challenges that come with transitioning out of foster care and offer a range of services to help young adults navigate this process. Our dedicated mentors provide one-on-one support, offering guidance and assistance as our clients work towards their goals. In addition, we offer peer support services, helping foster youth connect with others who understand their experiences and challenges.
Our community-oriented life skills workshops cover a range of topics, from financial management to career development, providing practical skills that are essential for independent living. We also offer support for FY2I vouchers, helping young adults secure housing and other essential resources.
At NWFS, we are committed to empowering young adults to achieve their full potential and build a bright future. Through our supportive services, we aim to help foster youth build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in all areas of life.