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Children of Incarcerated Parents

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Who We Are

There is increasing evidence at both state and national levels that the current system for addressing the issues facing children whose parents are incarcerated is failing to meet their needs. Because of the trauma experienced by children in this situation, many community organizations have joined together to form the Clackamas County Children of Incarcerated Parents Committee.


  • Empower children through mentorship.
  • Develop positive social norms.
  • Foster peer relationships through monthly community outings.
  • Collaboratively, provide resources and advocacy to youth and families impacted by the justice system.
  • Bring awareness and education to communities.

Mentors Can Make a Difference

Children who have a meaningful relationship with a non-parental adult:

  • Are 46% less likely to start using drugs
  • Are 27% less likely to start drinking
  • Are 1/3 less likely to resort to violence
  • Skip 1/2 as many days of school
  • Are more competent in their ability to do well at school
  • Have more positive relationships with their peers
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve their appearance
  • Take more positive risks
  • Decrease hostility and have fewer disciplinary referrals
  • Are happier

 Oregon Statistics

  • 20,000 children in Oregon have a parent in prison.
  • Over two-thirds of Oregon’s prisoners have children under 18 years of age.
  • Over half of the parents expect to live with their children upon release.

(Oregon Dept. of Corrections 2005)


Are you Affected by the Incarceration of a Parent or Family Member?

You are not alone!

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